About the Instructor

My martial arts journey started at Sam Houston State University; in Huntsville, TX, when I joined the college Judo club. After graduating from college I briefly studied Mantis and Wing Chun with Sifu Steve Cottrell of Authentic Kung-fu in Fort Worth, TX.

After joining the Army, I was stationed at Fort Bragg where I briefly studied Wing Chun with Sifu Brian Edwards. I was later stationed at Fort Belvoir, VA where I discovered Canton Wing Chun and Sifu Alton Miller in 2004; life events only allowed for sporadic study. In 2007 I began train consistently with Sifu Alton Miller and do so to this day. During this time I also cross-trained in Mixed Martial Arts & other competitive styles to better learn how to apply my Wing Chun against them.

I have overcome many hardships through my practice in Wing Chun and am a better person for it. I recently retired from the military and civil service (1992-2015) as a GS 14 and have focused on studying Wing Chun ever since. I am presently drafting a comprehensive book called "Canton Wing Chun -- An Overview and Guide to the Yuen Kay San Lineage" which is still in working draft form and at 400 pages in length. This book is a cooperative effort with Sifu Alton Miller and some of the senior students at Canton Wing Chun; Fairfax, VA.

Authentic Wing Chun

I was the 24th person to reach the rank of black belt/sash (December 2014); from Sifu Alton Miller since his studio opened in the 1980s. My studies continued with Sifu Miller and I was promoted to Black/Red; which equates to/contains 4th through 6th degree black in December 2016. Recently Sifu Miller informed me that I would make Red Sash (7th Degree Black) soon; which is the highest ranking in the Yuen Kay San/Canton Wing Chun system; less than 20 people are recognized by Sifu Miller to hold this rank.

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You may be assured that my primary goal is to disseminate the teachings of our Wing Chun lineage and further an understanding of its deep intrinsic value; monetary motivations are the least of my concerns as I keep fees exceptionally reasonable.